Water damage is the most common and often times, the most serious type of property damage a homeowner will ever experience. Whether you’re facing a flash flood, enfeebled roof, or sewage backup, water intrusion is dreadful and dangerous to the integrity of your home. It is imperative to address the damage quickly by contacting your insurance agent or insurance company for guidance. Most of the time, a water mitigation specialist is assigned to guide you through the process and implement solutions immediately.

Keep these tips in mind when you face a water damage loss. When you do, you will be one step closer to getting your home back to its pre-loss condition:

Safety First-Protect Yourself & Your Possessions

Once you are aware of water intrusion it is vital to evaluate your surroundings for harms such as flood dangers, contaminated water, and electrical hazards. If you are uncertain of the extent of damage, shut off the power to the affected area until a water mitigation expert is onsite. Then, rescue the most valuable items that could be compromised. This includes all important documents, photographs, or electronics.

Find the Water Source & Stop it

Locating the water intrusion and stopping the source will prevent the damage from compounding. The faster the water is shut off, the less likely secondary damage is to occur.

Contact Your Insurance Agent & Insurance Company

Your insurance agent and insurance company is a crucial resource in guiding you through a water damage loss. To help the process proceed with ease, keep these 4 tips in mind:

  1. Call ASAP
  2. Take photos of the damaged areas and any affected contents
  3. Keep detailed records of receipts and any out of pocket expenses you may have incurred
  4. Ask for a preferred water mitigation team to get on site ASAP
Water Mitigation Experts Begin The Dry Out

Finally, having a water mitigation company on-site within 2 hours will significantly accelerate the process and ensure the dry out is complete in 3-4 days. More importantly, this eliminates the potential for secondary damages. Our technicians have the knowledge and certifications to perform highest level of care for water mitigation throughout the entire United Sates.

If you find yourself with water damage, contact MGM Recovery immediately. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure your best interest is always our highest priority.